Q: What is the role of the FEA?  


A:  The FEA’s primary responsibilities include negotiating contracts and enforcing the contract and labor rights.  Additionally, the FEA works to bridge communication between employees and administration and represent the voice of the employees of Franklin Public Schools.  The FEA works towards these goals with the intention of improving the quality of education and the wellbeing of teachers and students.  


Q: What is the role of my Representative (Building Rep)?


A: Building Representatives communicate FEA and MTA action and business to staff and administration, as well as other important legal and political matters.  Your representative is available to listen to your concerns, and can pass these concerns along to administration and FEA leadership.  


Q:  How are my dues spent?  


A:  Our budget is public and can be found here.  All members are welcome to vote on the budget at the start of every school year during our General and Budget meeting.  Dues support legal representation, liability insurance, stipends, and political action at municipal and state levels.  A large portion of the dues you pay is to MTA/NEA.


Q:  So an administrator wants me to attend a meeting in his/her office…


A:  According to Weingarten Rights, if the meeting may result in disciplinary action, you are allowed to bring representation from the FEA.  You may bring any member of the FEA, but we strongly encourage you to bring a building representative. Representatives have been trained to document these meetings and protect your rights.  


Q: What are Weingarten Rights?  


A:  These rights allow you to bring a representative to a disciplinary meeting and help protect you against unfair disciplinary action.  More info is available here.


Q:  What is a Grievance?  When and how do I file one?  


A:  A grievance is a formal statement from the FEA to Administration that identifies a violation of the contract or workers’ rights, or inequitable treatment.  A grievance is not a tool to resolve personal conflict. If you feel your rights have been violated, contact your building representative, who can put you in touch with a grievance chair to help you through the process and work towards a successful resolution.  


Q:  What if I do have a personal conflict with an administrator?  Or a colleague?  


A:  Because part of the the FEA’s primary mission is to facilitate communication, a representative can moderate a conversation between staff and administration.  We often find that an honest and productive conversation leads to the best outcome for all parties.