Updated August 25, 2014

 The mornings are a bit brisker, the night comes a bit earlier, and soon will we need to dust off our alarm clocks! Yikes, summer flew by faster than an inning with Clay Buckholz on the mound. 

 The FEA leadership has been very busy this summer tackling myriad issues including the evaluation process. As the FEA readies to enter formal talks regarding the evaluation process,  we would like to ask once more for your feedback about your experience with the evaluation process. The more specific information we have in hand, the better we will be able to fashion an evaluation process that is productive, fair, and streamlined.  The MTA, in conjunction with the FEA, developed this survey and the MTA will collect the totally anonymous data and share only the question data with the FEA. No other group will get this data and no one will know the name of any respondent. Your building rep may remind you about the survey as the FEA does not yet have the home email of every member, but no one will know which members did or did not complete the survey. So, what are you waiting for? Check your email to get the link and tell the FEA what you think! if you haven’t been added to the FEA email database, email your info 


Thank you. 

SEI & Retell

Recruiting sufficient SEI instructors remains a challenge. DESE does not have the number of instructors necessary to cover the courses for the 2014-2015 school year. Courses without instructors are listed as "TBD.". The department may have to cancel courses. If you have enrolled in a 2014-2015 Endorsement course that the department  cancels, you will be assigned to the 2015-2016 cohort year and, subject to appropriation, will be given a no-cost opportunity to earn the Endorsement in 2015-2016. This includes educators in Cohort 1 whose training window would otherwise end in 2014-2015. For more info, visit http://www.massteacher.org/advocating/toolkits/retell/mta_retell_advisory_june_2014.aspx

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Important Dates

* Thursday, August 28th - first day of school for teachers

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